Order yourself and get it the way you like it.

You don’t have to be a large, national chain to be able to afford the benefits of kiosk ordering. The Self Order Kiosk app can be loaded onto stationary iPads anywhere in the restaurant. The deceptively simple kiosk software prompts customers through the ordering process and accepts credit card payments for orders. Customers using Self Order Kiosk can bypass counter lines for faster, more accurate order entry.

Key Merchant Benefits

  • Better Accuracy guests take full control and responsibility for their orders
  • Increased Revenue with kiosks provide the capacity to service more guests during
    peak periods
  • Improved Services Times with kiosk software is intuitive and simple to use the first time, allowing each kiosk to service more guests
  • Lower Labor Costs by reducing the number of employees taking orders
  • Better Labor Allocation by having employees focus more attention on delivering the highest quality product
  • Capture Customer Data to gain insights into purchasing behavior
  • Easy Ordering to build a new meal or reorder a past meal
  • Increases Upselling opportunities with an interactive display showing meal options